The Sun is a warrior – a true leader. He brightens the shadows that cloud our way forward, and guides us from the darkness of the abyss to the clear beauty of morning.

The Sun finds his strength through the battles he faces in life. He wars against the Night in a perpetual struggle for control over the sky. Every day they wage war, drawing strength from their belief, their righteousness that each owns the sky. And every morning the Sun emerges victorious, soft waves of golden light and fresh promise edging out the dark, cool edge of darkness and dreams. No matter how stubbornly Night grips the world, the Sun never fails to rise to the occasion – to meet his challenge head on in the face of cold and shadowy resistance. That is what warriors do; they look at the insurmountable odds in front of them, the long and winding path before them… and they take that first step.

And like the Sun, the warrior may not always win. Just as the Sun can be eclipsed by the moon, so too can the warrior slip and fall on his long journey. But it is on rising that he learns invaluable lessons about the challenge and his own character. How did he fall? How long did he stay down? How did he rise? Undoubtedly the Sun who emerges from the eclipse in the noon sky is brighter and stronger than ever before.

Those moments when a sun filled world becomes drenched in darkness are the most beautiful. The warrior must look inside himself for the light he knows is there. He must wade into the darkness that is adversity and show what he is made of. He doesn’t turn away and search for the easy way out from behind the eclipse, because doing so would change the very centre of his being. He would no longer be a Sun. Rather, the sky would be filled with a brief and solitary shooting star; a moment lost in time to him; a trajectory that fades into oblivion, never to align with the sun again. When he runs from challenge, the warrior dies.

But when adversity is embraced the warrior thrives. He radiates a light and a purpose that cannot be denied or trivialised. And after he travels past his zenith that day, as he revels in the success and challenge and punishment of the day, as he approaches the level horizon from which he came, he finds the Night. Having given all that he has, the Night is no longer the cold and shadowy fiend it had once been. Instead, they meet as friends on the skyline, silhouettes of twilight dancing together, fingers entwined. They have challenged each other, won – and lost – and found something that would not have been revealed without the other; cannot be replaced by anyone else. They are incomplete without each other.

A warrior without adversity – without the courage to accept challenge – is simply the shooting star that slipped silently across the sky, unseen by the masses who should have marvelled at its beauty. He is lost. He is shrouded in darkness. He will never be the Sun.

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